KHNJ Introduces Jalakam an Online experience for young learners

An enchanted Voyage to Culture, Tradition, Heritage and Language of KeralaAn in-depth exploration into the culture, tradition, heritage, and language of Kerala

Through Jalakam, KHNJ hopes to provide young learners with a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn the culture, tradition, heritage, and the Malayalam language  from the comfort of their homes. 

Our volunteers teach the classes, and we have put together a curriculum with an objective of not only teaching Malayalam but also providing an insight into our rich heritage including our festivals, temples, folklores, and places of historical importance.

Our classes are fully online and are absolutely free of cost.

YThrough this program, students will learn the following:

  • The Malayalam alphabet
  • Important historical and contemporary facts about Kerala 
  • Kerala’s rich culture and heritage 
  • The true significance of Hindu festivals

Classes starting on 17th Aug 2021 (Chingam 1)

Registration form:

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